Alright ready for the long story?

Me + my smokin' babe, Jake, photographed by our friends + wedding photographers for a super cute in home session- or in our case- in apartment.

Jake + I have been married 2 years + together for almost 6. We had gone to high school together for one year(I had moved to town my junior year his senior) but we were not in the same group of friends nor did we really notice each other when our friend groups would collide even though we have shared a mutual best friend-shout out to Mike! Later we met again at a bar when I had invited Mike to come + hangout. We truly couldn't keep our eyes off of each other, if there were physical signs of attraction there would have been all sorts of fireworks around us. I'm pretty sure both of our eyes were in true heart shape. We didn't stop talking since + the rest was history.  


We truly have grown in so many stages of life. We've had super dark times, not everything is a fairy tale as much as we wish it. But it's so important to us to keep pushing through those times, we believe in that old fashioned get through love-we are the light that never goes out. Yes I totally just quoted The Smiths-one of my favorite songs!

I had a daughter prior-she was a few months shy of two when I had introduced her to Jake. They became two peas in a pod + that was soo super duper important to me to spend my life with someone she could look up to + someone who truly possessed an unconditional love for her. FOUND HIM. I feel so blessed he welcomed her into his life with open arms. They truly have a forever bond. Then we had a son together a couple of years later-best decision ever!

Our wedding day was something out of a movie I will truly never forget- Jake got down on one knee + read promises + vows to my then four year old daughter.

I'm not crying-you're crying!    all photographs on this page by  Wild Souls Studio

I'm not crying-you're crying!

all photographs on this page by Wild Souls Studio

Believe it or not that's the short version ha! Our Story will always be my favorite. Love stories really hit me right in the guts. I want to hear all about yours! What are the little things about your relationship that make it what it is? I want to photograph the way your partner looks at you, the way they touch your hair or caress your face. Maybe your partner sings you love songs with their instrument-swoon-do you enjoy bubble baths together? I want to emphasize the unique qualities of your relationship for your session so I can document those beautiful, raw emotions. Let's tell your story together!